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CW1 CrossFit is a family run gym welcoming people of all ages and fitness abilities. We provide a fun community facility with professional coaching and nutrition guidance. We are looking forward to meeting you!!

We are currently undergoing some big changes at CW1 and the information on this website right now is not 100% accurate. If you are interested in joining us please call or text 07595960061 or send an email For full details about what is happening watch the video below!

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What We Offer

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CW1 CrossFit in crewe has something for everyone, if you cant find what you are looking for here simply contact us and let us help

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CrossFit Class

The heart of our centre is focused around CrossFit classes these are personal coaching sessions that consist of a 60 min workout (WOD) where you will be warmed up, stretched, and coached through the elements of that days WOD. Your coach will be there to ensure proper form, range of motion, and intensity is achieved, helping you to also scale to fit your needs and ability level.Click here to learn more

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Fitness Class

Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) can be defined as “structured patterns of work and rest periods to elicit a desired response from the body. This desired response is usually to maximise efficiency of a particular energy system.“. This class will follow a similar structure to regular classes, but with a few slight differences. Click here to learn more

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CrossFit Teens

CW1 CrossFit is pleased to announce our CrossFit Teens program for teens aged 13 to 17. Our goal is to improve the health and fitness, as well as athletic performance of teenagers. This will be accomplished by utilising age appropriate weight lifting techniques, basic gymnastic/body weight movements and cardiovascular conditioning. Click here to learn more

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CrossFit Kids

Here at CW1 CrossFit we think it’s vital for children to keep fit and active. One of the ways we can insure that children want to workout is to make it FUN! Encouraging children to start moving more and enjoying fitness not only has massive benefits to their bodies and health but they are more likely to continue this trend into adulthood. Click here to learn more

What is CW1 CrossFit?

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Plans starting at £30.00

With plans starting from £30.00 and a number of membership options including pay as you drop ins CW1 really do have something for everyone. View the memberships now

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What do our members say about training with us? See how CW1 improved their fitness and lifestyle below

“ CrossFit appealed to me at a time when I thought I'd exhausted myself in the sports I reasonably thought I would do and had been a bit disheartened that my best performances physically were well behind me. The real appeal came from the initial simplicity of "lift something heavy, get out of breath". I'm good at that. However, then the appeal evolved into "hold on....I really can't do that....but it looks badass and I want too". My favourite aspect of CrossFit is and always has been the community it fosters. Any sport can have a community, but this is one founded on the genuine and equal fulfilment of seeing progress through the honesty of hard work and persistence. I got my first muscle up today, but I'd be just as happy to see someone else get double unders or move up from a training bar to an olympic bar. I think CrossFit has changed my perspective on what fit is. While Greg Glassman defined the fundamentals of fitness, what's been more important to me has been to gain an appreciation that fitness for some is getting a boost before work, or being less out of breath playing with kids or grandkids just as much as it is about a 200kg deadlift or a 6 min 2k row. I have and will continue to recommend CrossFit to others and when I do, it's often about dispelling the myths or fears they've heard. It's very simple. Lift something heavy, get out of breath and do it in the company of good folk. ”

Ian Fisher - Age 36

Data Scientist

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What appealed to you about CrossFit?
I wanted to be challenged and push myself. I also really wanted to be stronger and fitter then my sister for once!

What's your favourite thing about CrossFit?
The community, the high fives and definitely Rogue the dog ☺️

How has CrossFit changed your life?
I'm happier, I'm more driven day to day, I'm more confident in my abilities. If I can do 24 WODs in 24 hours, I can do anything! ...And I'm nearly stronger then my sister!

Why would you recommend CrossFit to others?
There's nothing quite like Crossfit. I'll never forget the feeling I had driving home from my first WOD, grinning from ear to ear, giggling like a small child the whole way. Everyone should have that feeling. Its amazing.

Phoebe Jay - Age 20

Apprentice (Bentley)

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“ What appealed to me about CrossFit? - No mirrors, no barriers to age, fitness or fatness, lots of friendly faces and a potential new family (and social life!) What's my favourite thing about CrossFit? - I absolutely love working in pairs with people both younger and fitter than me who make me feel awesome! Plus, the team work to raise money for charities close to everyone's heart. How has CrossFit changed my life? - Well, the fact that at 52 I am performing dead lifts, clean and jerks and snatches for the first time in my life says it all! Why would I recommend CrossFit to other? - Because the Box offers a environment that is fun, safe, supportive, non judgemental and at the same time encourages you to become fitter and stronger”

Donna Davies - Age 52

Occupation Mental Health Nurse

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What appealed to you about CrossFit?
I kept getting injured boxing so I wanted to do something where I could strengthen my shoulders. (Not had a rotator cuff issue since) then realised I could keep fit with similar intensity an not get punched in the face.

What's your favourite thing about CrossFit?
The variation and the competitiveness

How has CrossFit changed your life?
I've always been shy but it's seemed to bring me out my shell a little bit

Why would you recommend CrossFit to others?
It's a great environment. Everyone progresses. Results speak for themselves for everyone. Great set of people, variation, ages, standards.... but everyone trains as one. I can't recommend it enough.

Tom Jackson - Age 33

Engineering Manager

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