Our Facility

A 5000 square foot gym with 2 large workout areas and a
private studio not to mention the best equipment, coaches and members

The Latest & Best Equipment

At CW1 our facilities are spread over 5,000 square foot. Offering 2 large workout areas, plus a private studio which can accommodate one 2 one sessions, corporate events, inductions and much more. We have invested a lot in our equipment which is top of the range and sufficient to support all classes we offer, whether you are 5 or 80 years old.

Brand New Shower Facilities

The high spec shower rooms mean you can enjoy your work out followed by a nice warm shower and then take yourself into the wonderful lounge to socialise with other members and fuel yourself for the day ahead or recover from your awesome workout. CWONE promotes a family, friendly, community atmosphere.

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Parking is available in the private business park at both the front and rear of the CW1 building.


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