What We Offer

CWONE offers many class types including CrossFit, CrossFit Kids, Fitness Classes
Weightlifting, Personal Training and much more. Click here to learn more about our classes


A 1 hour session that offers exposure to the widest degree of complexity, loading and variance. Workouts last anywhere from less than 10 minutes to over 30 minutes. Workouts are highly varied in duration, format ad type. Each session is different and you need to be ready for anything!

CrossFit Kids

45 minute session for children aged between 5 and 12 years. Children are taught simple movements - bodyweight, weightlifting and gymnastic - through a range of games and fun workouts. An opportunity for children to build movement patterns, strength and develop social skills in a safe and engaging environment.

CWONE Legends

Our Legends class welcomes members over 60 years of age. The 45 minute session follows similar programming to that of the CWONE 30, with movements being scaled to a suitable level so that everyone can participate. The workouts involve simple weightlifting and bodyweight movements along with rowing, biking and running.

Weightlifting & Gymnastics

Throughout the year members and non-members have the opportunity to develop specific skills on our weightlifting and gymnastic courses. The weightlifting course will offer the opportunity to practice olympic lifts such as the clean & jerk and snatch. The gymnastic course will focus on building skills in movements such as pull- ups, handstands and toes to bar. Both courses are ideal for both the beginner and more experienced individual.

Transformation & Nutrition Courses

6 week courses designed to help you lose excess body fat and improve performance in the gym. You will be supported to make a lifestyle change that will get you looking and, more importantly, feeling good! Speak to a member of staff about how we can help you achieve your goals.

Personal Training

Personal Training is available for those simply wanting general fitness & nutrition coaching, sports specific training and pre-military preparation training. It is an opportunity to work one-to-one with a coach.

Timetable & Pricing

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We run multiple classes of different types every day! Take a look at our timetable and membership options now to see when you can attend your favourite classes!

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