What We Offer

CWONE offers many class types including Functional Fitness, Deka, Hyrox, Personal Training and much more...

Functional Fitness

Class is a functional fitness training program that involves a mix of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. It combines elements from various sports and exercise disciplines, such as weightlifting, cardio, gymnastics, and more, aiming to improve overall fitness, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Workouts often emphasise functional movements and are designed to challenge individuals of all fitness levels.


Each one of the strength days we will focus on the 3 major compound lifts: Press, DeadLift and Squat. It’s a 4-week program, where you progressively increase the load lifted each week for 3 weeks while decreasing the number of repetitions. Then, the fourth week may be a recovery week (De-Load) that involves a lower load or a lower volume. The aim will be to establish the foundation for the entire Strength Continuum. It will enables competitive athletes to efficiently switch between different aspects of the Strength Continuum (strength speed, speed strength, absolute speed). You can never be too strong.


Our basic circuit style fitness class. You'll engage in sustained periods of effort with low to moderate weights. You can expect running, rowing, cycling and more. The workouts are designed to increase everyone fitness level from the ground up, helping you develop a strong cardiovascular engine and a very basic level of strength, melt fat and tone muscles.

Fitness Racing Prep

Designed to prepare any level of athlete improving the physical skills needed to take part in a functional fitness race and obstacle course races. Such as HYROX, DEKA, SPARTAN TOUGH MUDDERS

Over 55

Our Legends Program will increase your independence through: Improved joint, muscle and tendon/ligament mobility. Core stability and strength resulting in better posture & balance. Increased strength and mobility in commonly atrophied and underdeveloped muscles. Increased stamina and endurance a little goes a long way, stairs get easier to manoeuvre and distances needed to travel to seem shorter. Join a community! Join our Tribe of caring, supportive people on a shared journey towards greater health!


Perfect your technique and build strength, speed, power, and coordination with this specialised class. We prioritise technical barbell movements like the clean and jerk or snatch. The pace is slower to allow for focused skill development. This class is suitable for all abilities, and you'll see progress in your strength and lifting abilities over time.

Transformation & Nutrition Courses

6 week courses designed to help you lose excess body fat and improve performance in the gym. You will be supported to make a lifestyle change that will get you looking and, more importantly, feeling good! Speak to a member of staff about how we can help you achieve your goals.

Personal Training

Personal Training is available for those simply wanting general fitness & nutrition coaching, sports specific training and pre-military preparation training. It is an opportunity to work one-to-one with a coach.

Timetable & Memberships

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We run multiple classes of different types every day! Take a look at our timetable and membership options now to see when you can attend your favourite classes!

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